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    Thanksgiving will soon be upon those of us who reside in the United States.  We’ll come together in family gatherings or as friends to celebrate “being thankful” or “thanks for the blessings we have had during the year.”  We’ll gather together and feast on turkey, potatoes, and pumpkin pie in-between watching parades, football games, and enjoying one another’s company.  One thing that most people immediately recognize is that Thanksgiving is not tied to any religious practice or a specific religion.  That’s because the practice of celebrating a harvest or any other event tied to the earth has a distinct pagan connection.  To clarify the usage of the word “pagan,” it must be understood that it was a term created and exploited to demonize any religion other than Christianity.  All of the earth-based religions were lumped into one category by the church as they sought to wipe them from the very face of the earth while simultaneously spreading Christianity as a replacement.   The concept of a day of thanks did not originate in America.  Many other instances can be found in history.  The Romans celebrated Cerelia in early October.  The festivities were focused on thanking the Goddess of the Harvest Ceres.  Ancient Greeks honored Demeter, goddess of the harvest and agriculture, and corn.  Celtic Pagans and Angelo Saxons had huge celebrations–Lughnasadh and Mabon which were two of the three harvest festivals of the ancient world.  Other civilizations had their own version of how the harvest would be celebrated.  In England, the autumnal feast was called Harvest Home and was derived from the ancient druidical harvest feast.  The druids were one of the groups of people singled out by the Christian church for total destruction.  They were considered to direct competition to the church and were branded as being openly Satanic in their form of worship. Harvest Home was a three-day feast that originally began with a special church service followed a communal dinner.  The Puritans originally shunned the Harvest Home celebration as well as Christmas and Easter on the grounds that they had pagan origins.  The belief that merging pagan…
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