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    Biorhythms – Can They Really Predict Your Luck?
    There are many claims made about the power of biorhythms and their ability to predict the way your life will run. My humble opinion has always been that biorhythm analysis is somewhat more subtle than that. I have always had the philosophy that the analysis of biorhythms really helps to understand the underlying fluctuations or rhythms of our bodies and our minds. In achieving this understanding we can use the biorhythm reading to adjust our attitude to help us better deal with the ebb and flow of these rhythms. For example, we can mentally prepare for days that may be a little tougher physically and likewise plan to maximize the opportunities presented when our physical biorhythm is high - perhaps train harder or do an extra few minutes in the swimming pool. That is where the real power of biorhythms lies. The title of this article presents an interesting question - can biorhythms predict your luck? The answer partly lies in understanding what we mean by luck. If you are hoping that biorhythms can predict when you will win the lottery then I am afraid your hopes are in vain. This type of luck is blind random chance and although you would call a recent lottery winner lucky, it is not necessarily the case that after their good fortune they will enjoy further good luck. We have all seen the cases of lottery winners blowing their winnings in a series of bad choices. The luck that I am talking about is more to do with the application of intuition. We all know of people who seem to be lucky - they are the ones that appear to always come out on top, that always seem to be in the right place at the right time and always sell just before the markets turn. These people appear able to intuitively read a situation to their advantage, most likely subconsciously. The question is then, as applied to biorhythms and biorhythm analysis, does intuition cycle like physical, intellectual, and emotional biorhythms? Anecdotal evidence suggests it does and follows a 38-day cycle of positive…
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