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  • Your soul is who you truly are. Your soul is the engine of your existence.
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    Your soul is who you truly are. Your soul is the engine of your existence.
      Living life as a spiritual being in human form is truly what it is all about in the three-dimensional world. The majority of people are caught up in all of the humanness, (three-dimensional existence) struggling to bring oneself into alignment with one's soul, a.k.a. spirituality. Unfortunately, the ego gets in the way. Your ego mind has the responsibility of navigating the vicissitudes in the-Three-dimensional world. In this narrative, the ego can seem to be the 'know it all' and take control of your full existence. Add to that the emotions that are created by ego beliefs, thoughts, and feelings, life becomes a kettle of soup. How you perceive yourself in this lifetime has everything to do with how you walk your path, answer your soul's calling and share your gifts with others. Your perception drives¬†everything. When you broaden your view of who you are and the reason(s) you are here, you will discover that you do not need to live small, be dictated by other's opinions, or fail to explore the possibilities. It is important that you take time each day to explore what it is all about, the reason(s) you are here, how you can grow and what you will give and receive. The soul's sole purpose for being in the body is for emotional and spiritual growth. The physical realm is a big part of being able to navigate in the three-dimensional world, there is no doubt about it. However, you also have the ability and the will to make your spiritual realm equally balanced. This takes trust, strength, courage, insight, and more. The reason(s) your soul decided to dance in this lifetime is embedded in your subconscious mind and soul? You need to Look, Listen, and Trust. When you have a knowing about something or an Ah-ha moment, the gut feeling, (6th sense, intuition) that is your soul reminding you the reason(s) you incarnated. Your soul is who you truly are. The body is simply the vehicle to navigate the three-dimensional world. Learning to trust that even during those times when you feel lost, overwhelmed, or…
  • Dream Interpretation and Types of Dreams
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    Dream Interpretation and Types of Dreams
    Dream researchers have discovered several distinct categories of dreams, and these dream categories can be very useful both to people attempting to interpret their own dreams and to professional psychologist and therapists striving to interpret the dreams of others. This article will discuss these categories of dreams. Dream #1: The Daydream While not technically a dream, since it takes place while we are awake, researchers are looking into just where the daydream fits on the spectrum of dreaming, and what it can teach us about more traditional dreams. It is estimated that most people spend between 70 and 120 minutes each day engaged in daydreaming. Daydreaming is thought to be a level of consciousness below that of a normal waking state but above that of sleep. Daydreaming falls about midway between these two extremes. During a daydream, we allow our imaginations to take us away from the mundane tasks of the day. As the mind is allowed to wander and conscious awareness is reduced, we can become lost in the fantasy or imaginary scenario. Dream #2: The Lucid Dream Lucid dreams are among the most fascinating subjects in all of dream research. Lucid dreaming takes place when the dreamer realizes that he or she is dreaming while still immersed in the dream. Lucid dreaming occurs in that moment when you tell yourself - "This is only a dream". The occurrence of lucid dreams varies widely from person to person, with some people reporting never having lucid dreams and others reporting almost 100% lucid dreams. While most dreamers wake up when they realize that they are in a dream, other people are able to develop the ability to remain in the dream and take control of it. These people are able to become an active participant in their dreams, and to take the dream narrative where they want it to go. These people experience some of the most enjoyable and interesting dreams. Dream #3: The Nightmare Many people are troubled by frightening and disturbing dreams, commonly known as nightmares. Young children in particular often suffer from nightmares brought on by fears…
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