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  • History of Valentine’s Day
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    History of Valentine’s Day
    No one knows the true origin of Valentine's Day. There are several legends surrounding the history of this annual, love-filled celebration. From Pagan Days to Ancient Rome to modern times myth and mystery shroud one of America's favorite holidays. One theory of the origination of Valentine's Day focuses on an ancient pagan festival. Legend tells of an annual celebration, during which priests sacrificed animals, which were then butchered. Men would slap women with strips of the meat dipped in the sacrificial blood as it was believed this would make the women more fertile. Following this barbaric ritual, the women's names would be placed in a bucket, randomly drawn and paired with the men. If the match was a success, each mate would wear the name of their new lover on the sleeve of their shirt for one week, publicly declaring their betrothal by wearing their heart on their sleeve. How romantic! In an effort to end this pagan festival, the Pope and the Catholic Church created their own feast and festival around 500 AD, on February 14th, officially declaring St. Valentine's Day. Even this part of Valentine's history is obscure because the Catholic Church had named three saints 'St. Valentine' prior to 500 A.D. Curiously, all three of these saints are said to have been martyred on February 14th. Most scholars believe the true 'St. Valentine' was a priest named Valentine who lived around 270 AD. At that time, Roman soldiers were prohibited from marrying because the emperor believed bachelors made better soldiers. A priest named Valentine is said to have secretly married hundreds of soldiers and their lovers. Valentine was apprehended by Rome, jailed, and later put to death. Before his death, it is said he fell in love with the jailer's daughter, to whom he penned love letters and poems, signed "love, your Valentine". Over the centuries Valentine's Day has evolved. By the 14th century, lovers were exchanging handmade cards in England and France. These cards were made of lace, ribbon, and colorful papers. The switch from handmade to manufactured cards came in the mid-1800s, which was the…
  • About The New Age Movement
    About The New Age Movement
      If one remembers the 70's and 80's they would be aware of a shift from the conventional into trends inspired by Eastern cultures. Such things as the performance of The Age of Aquarius and other works lifted the spirits out of the doldrums and overturned the old for a new way of living. First came the pill that liberated women, followed by an open attitude to partnerships without marriage and acceptance of the LGBT trend based on love. It was exciting and frightening at the same time. People previously held back because of convention and tradition were caught up in a global movement by the young to shed the chains of bondage. It has never actually stopped as one thing led to another and to a broadening of ideas in general. Universities were suddenly places for open thought and action. They virtually led the way into the 21st Century with its populace movement. While it affected mostly Western nations the rest of the world is now catching up. There is another aspect of the New Age that came unexpectedly from a spiritual perspective. As people shed religious notions of their forebears many found a new way of connecting to the Spirit of the Universe. This is highlighted in the Pentecostal approach to accepting that we have that promise that if we connect to the Spirit it will communicate back. This is exactly what has happened. Following the spread of this philosophy miracle of healing and a resurgence of personal peace came into the mix. Following my reincarnation and with a strong link to the Spirit this was an area of the new Age that made me feel at home. It is how the prophecies in the Old Testament determine things will be as we approach the end of the day. The massive population explosion is verification that all who have lived before are back, as per the promises. The Internet is another part of the New Age that allows immediate communication with anyone in the world. This is a miracle of the times. It was promised to be the Mountain of…
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