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  • Modern Hand Analysis and Hand Reading
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    Modern Hand Analysis and Hand Reading
    Hand analysis and Hand reading isn't really anything dark or extremely predictive anymore. It is however not that accurate either. It is more modern, logical and almost scientific in approach today and has moved from it's ancient fortune telling roots and tendencies.Modern hand reading has evolved to something more akin to a correctional, motivational and something like a hand-holding tool which can be a great help to get your life back into perspective. It has emerged as an awesome way to introspect oneself and be able to chart out our lives in the right way, getting it back onto course ( If it went wayward, that is!). Since it delves on what kind of person you are as it throws light upon what might be the best course of action in your life : It might tell you as to which course you must be taking up; which career might suit you better; what kind of people might you be getting along with; where you might end up in relationships; who might make a better spouse for you; what kind of person should you rather be; how you would want to break free ; your approach to problem-solving, decision making and reacting to different situations life can throw at you and a horde of other things which would have all just passed away as mere figments of thinking from an over-worked and constantly stressed mind. Coupled with psychology, it could prove to be a powerful tool to get a thorough insight about the kind of person you really are. Not only that, it can provide professional help to people who need such help on a regular basis. If you just looked around and put your finger on the level of stress that is floating around in the corporate world today, chances are that your finger would just get burnt. In such a frenetically paced, rat-race infected, jet-age that we live in, tools like these only give the much needed respite in re-directing the entire course of your existence that is threatened to burn itself out. Family behavioural traits, how you…
  • How to Easily Read the Minor Cards
    How to Easily Read the Minor Cards
    There are lots of arguments about the Minor Tarot Deck and some readers ignore them, preferring only to use the Major cards. Certainly the Major cards appear to be more dramatic, focused, specific and emphatic but when a reading includes the Minor cards this heightens the meanings of the Major cards, putting them into the right perspective. Without the Minor cards a reading can easily be too overwhelming, plunging the questioner into a major soap opera. Correctly used, the Minor cards add vital light and shade, touches of everyday reality and also many small but vital features not touched on or brushed over by the big-hitting Major deck. For beginners though, the 56 Minor cards can be a daunting prospect to learn and to read, without referring to a crib sheet, so here is a flying start. The 21 Major cards are unusual and their main aspects quickly remembered. Once you have grown used to these cards, look again at the cards from 1 (The Magician) to 10 (The Wheel of Fortune). The Fool stands apart and cards 11 through 21 represent more evolved states. The 10 human conditions which are represented in the first half of the Major deck are repeated in each of the four suits pip cards (which are of course 1 to 10). Thus the Magician is represented by each Ace, the High Priestess by each 2, the Empress by each 3 etc. When you know the Major cards 1 to 10, you also know 40 more cards. The trick is to apply the Major card's meaning to the Minor card's suit: The main themes of cards 1 through 10 are: Singularity, Individuality, Fixedness (The Magician) Duality, Partnership, Ambivalence (The High Priestess) Growth,Nurture (The Empress) Stability, Logic, Method (The Emperor) Authority, Conflict, Conformity (The Hierophant) Choice, Sacrifice, Altruism ((The Lovers) Control, Conquest, Challenge (The Chariot) Justice, Morality, Ethics (Justice) Awareness, Meditation,Truth (The Hermit) Chance, New Potential, Closure (The Wheel of Fortune) Take time to reread the interpretative meanings of the Major cards with these themes in mind. You may have a deck in which Strength &…
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